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The Political Bandwagon
America's Foremost Policital Memorabilia Collecting Newspaper

These are selected articles from 'The Politicalbandwagon' newspaper and have been reprinted in full (text) with permission.

"TREASURES ON THE WEB" - by Ron Puechner (604kb)

"A Balanced Ticket - 1964-1996 : One Protestant, One Catholic" - by D. Jason Berggren (33kb)
"The Billy Carter Playboy Interview" by Micheal J Brook (12kb)
"Checking The Chad " by Judge Charles Burton (16kb)
"Collecting FDR - Churchill Memorabilia" - by John E. Vargo (33kb)
"The Cuban Missile Crisis" - by Steve Russell (17kb)
"December Presidential Birthdays" by Jeannine Coup (15kb)
"Emancipation" by M. Jeannine Coup (13kb)
"The First Presidential Photographer: Mathew Brady" by Jeannine Coup (14kb)
"The Forgotten Man" by Jeannine Coup (15kb)
"'I Shall Go To Korea' - Ike's October Surprise" by Ed Wyszynski (14kb)
"Hat's in the Ring - John Anderson" - by Brad Koplinski (54kb)
"Hubert Humphrey - 'Everything I Know I Learned From My Father'" by Jeannine Coup (14kb)
"The Pen vs. The Sword: Thomas Nast vs. Boss Tweed" by (11kb)
"The 'Lincoln Flag'" by Jeannine Coup (13kb)
"Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Trivia" by Chris Hearn (5kb)
"The Politics of Pooh" by Chris Hearn (7kb)
"Presidential Nominee Jailed for Sedition" by Jeannine Coup (14kb)
"The Richard M. Nixon Library and Birthplace" - by Jeannine Coup (7kb)
"Thanksgiving" - by Jeannine Coup (5kb)
"The Warship McKinley " - by Robert M. Clifford (6kb)
"The Washington Tragedy-- Murder and Scandal in D.C." by M. Jeannine Coup (15kb)
"For Your Political Summer Reading Enjoyment" - by M. Jeannine Coup (15kb)

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