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by Ron Puechner

This month will be a slightly abbreviated column since we took some time off for a short vacation, as well as a trip to the APIC Western Regional in Reno, NV. This show was hosted by Cary Jung, Adam Gottlieb and Tom French, all of whom did a spectacular job. It was great to see a good number of our APIC friends there and look forward to making this a regular stop, every two years! I would encourage all of you to do the same as well as supporting all of the local shows around the country. Equally important is to encourage others to come and see for themselves what the APIC can offer.

Now on to this month’s “Treasures on the Web” which all came from EBay. The first three items are all George Washington pieces, two inaugural uniform buttons and a snuff box. The first of the inaugural clothing buttons was one of the 18mm eagle and star varieties, in beautiful condition, which commanded 25 bids and a final price of $2849.00. The last one of these I remember seeing sold for approximately $5000.00, so a great investment for the new owner!

The second Washington clothing button was one of the standard 34.5mm “GW Long Live the President” varieties, which sold for $2093.88 and was in very nice condition, with original shank. Both of these buttons came from Brookville, Ohio.

The Washington paper mache snuff box was a death commemorative with an engraved bust portrait of him floating in clouds, his name below, “First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen” around the edge. There were a few chips, losses to the edge of the lid and a bit of crazing, but quite a clean example of these fragile pieces of history, well worth the $839.00 bid.

Next on the block was an 1868 Ulysses Grant broadside which measured 11 7/8” x 17 3/4”and had a few tears, primarily on old folds. The wording was “Rally Once Again!! Maj. J. B. Davis of Onondaga County, and Jesse Turner the Omaha Carpet Bagger, Will Speak in Van-Duzer’s Hall on Wednesday Eve. Sept. 30th. Let there be a full turn out to hear a fair, candid and manly discussion of the issues of the day. Ladies are invited.” Nice of them to invite the ladies to the manly discussion! It also had a wonderful eagle graphic with Grant and Colfax banners. This rarity garnered 21 bids and $2375.00.
This month another local item caught my eye – an 1877 dated, Confederate General Wade Hampton cup and saucer, from his period as South Carolina Governor. Governor Hampton also went on to become U.S. Senator from South Carolina. This attractive set, in undamaged condition, was hammered down at $307.25.
Mechanical pins are some of my absolute favorites and a beauty came up for auction this month. It was a 1908 “I – AM – FOR – BILL? 1908” piece that showed a picture of Bryan, but when rotated, did not show Taft, so perhaps there is a Taft match for it. The piece was 1.5 inch diameter and spirited bidding ended at $720.00, an excellent buy!

Woodrow Wilson was well represented by a pair of cellos, the first being a mint condition, 7/8 inch, 1910 NJ Governor “The Man of the Hour” pin. This spectacular pre-presidential piece closed at $2650.00.

The second Wilson pin was a war period 1.25 inch piece with a black and white picture and the wording “We’re With You, Mr. President 100,000,000 strong”. It appeared to be in excellent condition and had a back paper stating “Made by the Bell Co. Nashvill Tenn.”, a rare piece which attracted 19 bids and $1372.00 on an early Sunday afternoon.

Mechanical banks are also wonderful, cross-collectible pieces and one of the “Teddy and the Bear” banks was a super purchase at $911.01. This piece usually beings $1400-$1600 in this condition.
Postcards continue to gain strength and respect in our hobby and a couple made my list this month. Eugene Debs items are always popular, but I was a bit surprised at this fairly standard real photo postcard escalating to the $709.99 level!
There was also a quite scarce TR felt pennant postcard from his 1912 run which sold for $199.50.

Women’s suffrage items were again well-represented this month. The first item that attracted my curiosity (a little too late) was a thin cardboard “Votes for Women Chocolates” box that I have never seen before. The seller listed this as a “Buy it Now” piece for $150.00 and it lasted 31 minutes, at approximately 2:00am. I would say there was a mighty big smile on the face of that buyer!

The second suffrage item I found was a NY “Votes for Women” enamel pin from 1915 that cost the bidder $239.63.

The last of the suffrage items this month was a Missouri Suffrage Convention Delegate ribbon from St. Louis in 1919 which changed hands at $362.77.

Three beautiful Eisenhower items also were auctioned this month. The first was the superb 6 inch coattail piece for Ike and Broyhill which rang the EBay cash register at $811.11.

A quite scarce 3.5 inch Westchester County Citizens for Eisenhower Nixon hit $511.00 and the beautiful Kansas inaugural ribbon badge sold for $597.77.

John Kennedy Senate items always draw a crowd, especially a graphic 14x22 poster. This one had quite a few creases, a bit of staining and 3 bidders over the $893 level, with the proud winner $1027.03 lighter in the checkbook!

Hubert Humphrey made the list this month, not once but twice. The scarce 1954 Humphrey Senate re-election piece, “Get in Gear with Humphrey and Wier” commanded $510 due to its near mint condition.

The second HHH appearance was the 3 inch Michigan “Hare Supports Humphrey” pin which closed at $285.00.

I end this month with another Barack Obama pin – this time the State Senator pin that has already sold at the $4000 level elsewhere – here it cost the unrelenting bidder $2738.88. It will be interesting to see future sales of this one!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s treasures, spanning well over 200 years of our nation’s history!
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Ron Puechner serves on the APIC Region 6 Board of Directors and can be reached by email: ron.puechner@att.net or through his website www.TheBestPoliticals.com